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Chaulmogra oil created a revolution in the treatment of leprosy. In fact, the first effective drug for treating leprosy used the chemical components of Chaulmogra seeds. Chaulmoogra oil has unique benefits for the skin. The oil is derived from the seeds of the chaulmoogra tree, which is aka Hydnocarpus wightiana.


Some benefits of Chaulmoogra Oil include:


1. Chaulmoogra contains an active ingredient known as hydnocarpic acid, which is an excellent antimicrobial agent. It can be used to treat eczema, psoriasis, bruises, wounds, sores, and chronic skin disorders. .


2. Due to its antibacterial properties, you can use chaulmoogra oil as a mild preservative in DIY concoctions for hair and skin.


3. Chaulmoogra oil has relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help muscle spasms caused by rigorous exercise, cramps and heavy lifting.



Chaulmoogra oil is a great addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulas, soaps, scrubs, lotions, hair serums, bath products, and so much more.








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Chaulmoogra Oil (Virgin and Unrefined)

  • Chaulmoogra Oil
    Scientific Name: Hydnocarpus wightiana
    Extraction Method: Cold pressed, Virgin, and Unrefined

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