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Camellia oil is one of the most treasured beauty secrets of the geishas. The flower symbolizes feminine beauty, while the oil from the seeds are a wonderful light and nourishing moisturizer that have a mild sweet aroma. Some benefits of Camellia oil include:

⦁    Moisturizer
⦁    Anti-Aging
⦁    Hair conditioner 
⦁    Rich in Antioxidants
⦁    Anti-microbial properties 
⦁    Anti-inflammatory properties
⦁    Natursl Astringent
⦁    Helps wounds and scrapes heal.
⦁    Helps restore proper pH balance.
⦁    Smoothes rough and flaky skin
⦁    Soothes and calms irritated skin.
⦁    Promotes healing to sun damaged skin.

Camellia oil is a great addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulas, soaps, lotions, hair serums, scrubs and so much more.









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Camellia oil (Cold Pressed and Refined)

  • Camellia oil 
    Scientific Name: Camellia Oleifera
    Origin: China
    Extraction Method: Cold Pressed and Refined

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